How to figure out your blog's USP

There are a lot of blogs out there. You’ve got to wonder — what makes your’s different? Why should anybody read it? If you don’t know the answer to that question, then your readers may have trouble figuring it out as well. You need a USP — a unique selling proposition. Marketers develop USPs all […]

How to blog frequently

One of the biggest challenges for most part-time bloggers is finding the time and energy to blog consistently. Since Jan. 18, I’ve been engaged in a little challenge here for myself — 30 posts in 30 days. As it turns out, I probably couldn’t have picked a worse time to try to average a post […]

Free stuff for bloggers and other online types

1. Free business cards, from Vistaprint. 2. Free phone number with voice mail and other features, from Google Voice. Unfortunately this is still in beta, and you have to request an invite, which may not come soon. They don’t seem to be allowing uses to give away invites, at least yet, judging from the fact […]

12 things to do when you don't feel like blogging

This is another one of my occasional posts on what to do when you don’t feel like blogging. 1. Update your bio/about page. If you’ve been doing this for any length of time, chances are it’s out of date. You should also make sure that you’re including everything there that’s going to help reinforce your […]

Ten corporate blogging mistakes

If you’ve started a blog for your business, but it’s not taking off the way you wished, you might be making one or more of these mistakes. 1. You use anonymous authors instead of real people as your writers. You can use multiple writers, you can appoint a single chief blogging officer or you can […]

How to counter 11 common arguments against corporate blogs

At many companies, if you propose a blog you will get a lot of resistance. It may come from older, senior executives who don’t read  — or think they don’t — blogs. It may come from traditional marketers who don’t believe you can demonstrate ROI from a blog. It may come from lawyers who are […]