Score your ideas to boost your content marketing

An example of a content-scoring spreadsheet

Right now I have at least 40 blog post ideas sitting in my queue. The potential topics include: Is LinkedIn’s premium for-pay service worth the money? How to market a blog post How to make your public relations and marketing efforts useful Better email subject lines Basic online tasks all marketers and PR professionals should […]

Social media productivity: Have an impact online, while still having a life offline

Friday I presented at ConvergeSouth 2012 in Greensboro. I gave a talk about how to use social media productively, by which I mean getting results without having to spend 18 hours a day online. Below are my slides. Social Media Productivity from marktzk If you’re interested in having me speak to your group or conference […]

How I use Evernote to be more productive

Screenshot of my basic Evernote set-up

How I use Evernote to be productive For the last few months I’ve been using Evernote as my primary tool for keeping projects and tasks organized. If you’re still searching for an effective, easy way to stay organized and productive, you might want to try this. Why Evernote My criteria for a to-do list and […]

The ultimate lifehack: Do the work

Cover image from Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

Want to be super productive, build fabulous wealth, write the great American novel and have six-pack abs? I’m about to give you the secret to it all, the ultimate life hack, the secret of the world’s most productive and successful people. Writer Steven Pressfield expressed it perfectly in three simple words: Do the work. Do […]

The 20-minutes-a-day method to get things done


Did you know that I’ve been procrastinating on getting out my first email newsletter for about the last three months? There’s no good reason for this, of course. I have the time. It’s not like my, fairly modest, email newsletter actually takes months and months of writing. In fact, I plan to do it every […]

How a little string can improve your blogging

Ball of red string

Ever find yourself struggling with what you should write about next, or needing more details, anecdotes or statistics to illustrate a blog post, white paper or media pitch? Me too. Fortunately, I have a solution. When I was a reporter, I gathered a lot of string. This does not mean that my desk was cluttered […]