What's your purpose?

I recently listened to an interview with author Daniel Pink (via Elizabeth Marshall’s free Author Teleseminars) about his new book Drive. (Confession: I haven’t read it, so I’m basing this blog post on the author interview, which ran about an hour. If you want to learn more about this, you should read the book, which […]

Changing my approach to Facebook

Note: As I’ve mentioned previously, I challenged myself to write 30 posts in 30 days. I’ve not been as consistent with my blogging as I would have liked, so I’ve got to get a lot of blog posts published in the last couple of days. So, you’ll see several more posts than normal in the […]

Helping girls get educated

Warning: This is not a typical MarkTzk.com blog post. Let me tell you a personal story. I have two daughters. They were both born in Guatemala and lived there, in foster homes, until my wife and I adopted them. I still remember seeing children — whole families of children — standing on a sidewalk during […]

Free stuff for bloggers and other online types

1. Free business cards, from Vistaprint. 2. Free phone number with voice mail and other features, from Google Voice. Unfortunately this is still in beta, and you have to request an invite, which may not come soon. They don’t seem to be allowing uses to give away invites, at least yet, judging from the fact […]

How to say thank you for good things that happen online

When someone does something nice for you — and especially when they do without you asking first — it’s appropriate to say thank you. And offline, that’s pretty easy. You can say thank you in person or over the phone, write a thank you note, send a nice gift (a bottle of wine always works […]

Links Worth Reading – Sept. 27, 2009, edition

Here are some of the best links, blog posts and resources I’ve come across in the last week. Note: Many, but not all, of these I first published via Twitter. Please follow me there if you’re not already. Top 10 Blogs for Writers 2009 How to Create Reader Profiles/Personas to Inspire and Inform Your Blogging […]